Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Back to School

It's September again!  Already!  Wow, it comes round quickly!

So, it's time to start Junior Hero Academy up again.

Come along on Mondays and Thursdays after school to get superhero fit and strong!

Bring your mums, dads, grannies, uncles, babysitters....and show them what hard work means!

See you next week!

Krish x

Monday, 11 June 2012


I have posted some recipes for you to try making at home with your dads and grannies, mums and uncles.  So far they are all sweet...cakes and pancakes!

I will be posting some savoury ideas soon as well.

I hope you enjoy them.  Let me know how they turn out and email me some pictures of your creations so I can put them on the blog for the other children to see!

Have fun,

Krish x

Friday, 8 June 2012

Why bother?

What is the point of being fit and healthy?
Can't I just eat crisps and chips and sweets all day and sit on the sofa playing computer games and watching TV?

You could do that.  Some days it's really nice to do that.

But there's a whole world out there waiting to be discovered by you!  It's so much easier to make new discoveries with a fit and healthy body!

Everything you do is easier if you feel fit and healthy.

So remember the Junior Hero Club Mantra:

Eat clean, move more, sleep well and get outside!

Krish x

Friday, 25 May 2012

Level one info

At hero Academy, we believe in changing lives for the better through education.  It's not just about doing exercises and running about, it's about understanding why we do what we do to lead fit and healthy lives.

Children who join Hero Academy begin at Level One.  Level one is all about learning what it means to be fit and healthy.

At Junior Hero Academy, we focus on four components of health and fitness.  Once you understand these clearly, you can progress onto level two.  You also get a certificate to receive in your celebration assembly at school.

Level one focuses on:
1     Cardiovascular fitness
2     Muscular strength
3     Core stability and balance
4     Nutrition

Cardiovascular fitness can be achieved by working your heart and lungs through any activity that gets out out of breath, hot and sweaty: riding a bike, walking, running, swimming etc.

Muscular strength can be achieved by working your muscles by doing any activity that involves moving your joints and employing muscle power.  Crossing the monkey bars, scaling the climbing frame, jumping, hopping, squats, lunges, press ups, rows etc.

Core stability, which aids balance, can be achieved through a variety of core exercises that strengthen the muscles around your abdomen.  Planks and side planks are great exercises for this.

Great nutrition is vital for health and fitness.  A combination of carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, whole grains and pulses), protein (meat, fish, cheese, yoghurt, beans and nuts), healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, yoghurt, avocados) vitamins, minerals and water are vital for a healthy body.

Whilst sugar and processed foods in moderation will not kill you, they are not necessary to survive.  You can easily live without them.

Once you know this information and are beginning to weave that knowledge into your everyday life, you are ready to progress onto level 2!

Hope this helps,

Krish x

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Junior Hero Academy

This is my first blog for Junior Hero Academy and it's just for you kids!

Being fit and healthy is all about feeling good about yourself, feeling strong and in control and being able to lead your life the best way your body will allow.

At Junior Hero Academy, we focus on four areas of health and fitness.  Cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength, balance and nutrition.

We improve cardiovascular fitness through a combination of different cardio exercises - it's similar exercise to running around in the playground, riding your bike, swimming - anything that raises your pulse and makes you a bit hot and sweaty.

We improve your muscular strength through a variety of resistance exercises.  These are body-weight and very light free-weight exercises, similar to crossing the monkey bars or climbing up the climbing frame, walking up and down stairs - anything that uses your muscles and joints.

We improve your balance with different core strengthening exercises.  your core muscles run around your abdomen and are responsible for helping you stand up and sit down, for holding your internal organs in place and for protecting your spine.  A good, strong core is vital for everyday functionality, stability and balance.

Underpinning your physical fitness is healthy nutrition.  Your body requires nourishing food to help it function at its best.  All children learn about healthy food choices right from nursery age and so very little of what we talk about will be news to you.

I hope that you stay tuned, I'm going to be posting loads of fitness tips and exercise routines that you can do at home or in the park.

See you soon,

Krish x