Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Junior Hero Academy will be running small, exclusive classes for 5 children at a time from our little home gym in Eagle Close.

If you would like a place for September, please book early - I can potentially run extra classes, so if one is full, please contact me for more details.

Junior Hero Academy aims to get kids interested in being active, challenging themselves and engaging in a little healthy competition.  The vast majority of the exercises are body weight exercises, occasionally very low weights are used to get them used to correct form and add a little extra resistance.

We do mainly calisthenics training, which is intended to increase strength, flexibility, endurance, balance and coordination.  This sort of exercise, including running, jumping, skipping, lifting, pulling and pushing can improve both muscular and cardiovascular fitness and it's the kind of thing kids are doing in the playground every day - just with a bit more focus.

Your kids are likely to get hot, sweaty and out of breath!

I am a fully qualified teacher and personal trainer.

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