Personal Training for Children

There are so many reasons why a Personal Trainer for your kids might be the perfect solution.  

  • If your children are into a specific sport, I can provide targeted sessions to boost their performance.
  • If your kids are exceptionally lively, I can provide a positive outlet for all their pent-up energy.
  • If your sons or daughters could do with moving more, I can provide structured, fun, ever-changing routines to keep them focused, interested and fit.
  • If your child fancies being the next Jessica Ennis, Bradley Wiggins or Usain Bolt, I can provide specific training to get them closer to their dream.
  • If you simply want your kids to be stronger, fitter and healthier, I can provide safe, effective strength and fitness training for them that incorporates cardiovascular work, very light (and safe) weight training along with body weight and core exercises.

Children of any age can really benefit from a carefully planned exercise program and your children's age, ability, achievements, build, likes, dislikes, goals and current fitness levels are all taken into consideration before any personalised plan is built for them.
    I am a fully qualified teacher, with full CRB clearance as well as a certified fitness instructor, REPs registered.

    One 45 minute session with their very own personal trainer costs just £12.50 per session.

    If your child would like to work with a friend, the cost is reduced to £10.00 each per session.

    If you know two children who would like to work with your child, the cost is £7.50 each per session.

    Of course you can always have more than one session a week.

    As children require close supervision and appropriate encouragement, I do not offer this as an online service but prefer to work with the children in person.

    Please feel to contact me for more information.

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