Monday, 21 October 2013

At Junior Hero Academy, the little Junior Heroes that come to see me are AMAZING!

They never give up, they work really hard and they listen really carefully (generally more carefully than my grown up clients!)  This means they do the exercises I give them carefully and with great form, meaning they get the most out of each exercise and they vastly reduce any risk of injury.

I'm so proud of my little Junior Heroes!

Today I thought we'd have a go at developing a party piece for Christmas.  I said we were going to look at pistol squats.  We did some TRX pistol squats to get them used to it.  Then we got into the pistol squat from the bottom up.

I told them they would have to practise really hard between now and Christmas and that then they would have a great showing off thing to do to impress people.  In case you don't know what a pistol squat is, they are REALLY HARD!

Have a go - this is how you do them.  Stand on one foot with the other staying dead straight in front of you.

Keeping your heel on the ground, squat down until your bum nearly touches the ground but doesn't and make sure your leg is straight out in front of you.  Then get up again without putting your other leg on the ground!

So, I told the kids to have a go.

They only went and did it!  A little practice.  A few fallings over.  Then they went and did it!

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